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The Strong Mom Bod Method
Rebuild a strong postpartum body
What you’re going to get:
  • 10 week program to rebuild your postpartum body 
  • ​Weekly Learning Lessons with simple action tasks to see progress and results
  • ​Postpartum-Specific Beginner to Advanced Home Workouts
  • ​Proven methods that can be sustained for a lifetime, in all phases of motherhood
  • ​Healthy, balanced eating in a way that doesn't require restriction or tracking
  • Over 200 Simple Recipes for Healthy Fat loss
  • ​One FREE 1 hour coaching call
  • ​Online Support for as long as you need
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Invest With Confidence Guarantee

Here’s how the guarantee works:

If, after you complete the first 2 modules, complete the corresponding action tasks and have attended at least one coaching call, and you still feel like this program isn’t right for you, then you will receive a full refund and any future payments will be cancelled, if applicable. NOTE that your program will be cancelled and you will no longer receive access to any of the program or it’s components. This guarantee applies for the first 14 days after the official start date of the program. No exceptions regarding refunds will be made after 14 days. 

Just imagine having a plan that will...

-Walk you through the necessary steps to rebuild your core after pregnancy

-Gain support if you have diastasis recti, leaking when you sneeze, or pelvic pressure

-Improve the condition of scar tissue if you've had a C section so it improves the look and function of the belly

-Feel strong in your body again by increasing strength and lean muscle

-Safely help you get back to activities you enjoy without limitations

-Lose weight without counting or tracking your food

-Improve your routines and habits so that being consistent is easy and your results will last

-Never feel alone with multiple ways to gain support

This is for you whether you're 6 weeks postpartum or 6+ years postpartum!

Every mom deserves to feel confident in her body again so she can live the life she has always envisioned.

What's different about the Strong Mom Bod Method?

This program was created with the specific considerations for postpartum moms in mind.

Most fitness programs focus on eating less and moving more, oftentimes to the point of under eating and over exercising. 

For a new mom that simply doesn't work. 

Your needs as a postpartum mom are different. 

You will learn a simple approach to nutrition that not only gets you to your goals, but also supports your recovery and healing.

Exercises used in this plan will improve the condition and function of your core, not just make it smaller. 

You get to decide how much exercise works for your schedule and lifestyle.

You will make progress at your own pace. This means you begin with what your body is ready for, and you increase intensity as your body is able. 

You'll walk away with a forever plan for food and fitness so you don't have to rely on diet programs that come and go.

You'll have forever access to an online, supportive community of other moms with similar goals as you.

There is no time limit! You keep access to all program content and support for as long as you need.

Take a peek inside the program...

Never lose access to the membership site that houses all weekly content and learning lessons.

200+ easy, balanced recipes you can download and keep in ebook format.

Become a pro at exercise form. Every exercise in every workout links to a video to learn proper form.

At-home beginner and advanced workout plans that you can do over and over to gain muscle and lose fat.

What moms are saying about their time in the program:

"I loved being able to learn a healthy foundation to my fitness goals. I've dieted in the past and knew that's not what I wanted to do as a mom. This program helped me develop real strength and real habits that I can continue for life." 


"Having access to Chrissy as a coach was so helpful! Whenever I am struggling with one of the program steps I can post about it in the Facebook group or ask her during a coaching call. I've never been able to have direct support like that from a trainer before."


"This program isn't about restriction, and I love that! I've never been able to eat this much food before and still see results. Plus I don't even have to workout for hours every week if I don't want to."


"It's been so refreshing to go through a fitness plan that focuses on becoming stronger, not thinner. I've repaired my relationship with food, specifically sweets, so that I have more control over my cravings."


"I've learned more about my core than I did in physical therapy! The information and exercises in the program was a lot more in depth than what I was given from my physical therapist."

Still have questions?

Email Chrissy at with any questions you have about the program.

Together we can decide if this is a good fit for your goals. 
I want you to be able to sign up with confidence, knowing this is the perfect plan for you. 
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